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Search engine marketing Seattle businesses is what we do

Search engine optimization marketing has become one of the most vital links between Seattle consumers and businesses. Smartphones have revolutionized the way people search for goods and services in Seattle, so when developing a search engine marketing strategy you must consider these new technologies.

Two key aspects of search engine marketing are; ranking your website organically at the top of the search engine results page, and having a presence on Google Places/Maps. Increasing traffic to your website is the goal of any sound search engine optimization strategy, but it’s also vital that you convert that traffic into sales and profits. Evolving with technologies and the habits of real users is the only way you can successfully accomplish these goals.

If you are a consumer, your primary goal is to find the goods and services you need as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, users and their habits differ from person to person and location to location. A good example is a person who finds himself stranded on the side of the road because their car broke down as opposed to a person who is looking to have their car serviced. The person who is looking to have their car serviced will likely take far more care when searching for an auto mechanic then a person who finds themselves in an emergency situation.

This example highlights how important it is to consider the habits of your customers when developing a search engine optimization strategy. Our search engine optimization experts have been marketing Seattle businesses for over a decade, and our goal is to help you find innovative ways to reach out to your clients.

Because we recognize cutting edge technologies before they appear, we’ve been able to succeed as the major search engines have grown and people’s search habits have evolved.

Marketing Seattle websites starts with a well thought out plan

Because your business is unique, you need to develop a customized search engine optimization strategy that focuses on your customers and their habits. Our first goal is to help you define the search terms that your customers are most likely to use when looking for goods and services relative to your field, because it’s useless to spend good money to optimize for search phrases that won’t accomplish this goal.

We must also consider the methods and means by which consumers conduct searches when looking for goods and products relative to your field. Google Places/Maps is one key area where you can attract business, and if you don’t ensure that you have a presence on Google Places/Maps you can guarantee that your competitors will. Also failing to rank organically on the search engine results page will make it difficult for Internet users to find your website.

One thing is certain, technologies will continue to change and evolve in the coming years. Our goal is to keep you at the forefront of these technological advances so that your website stays relevant, and your business continues to show profit.

Contact one of our SEO experts in Seattle today and find out how we can help develop a strategy that covers all of the bases.